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New REIPPP announcement – summary of all projects to date


I have gone and updated the table based on the latest announcement of the additional 13 projects.  I have done the best I could to allocate the projects to the right province – but I may have got some wrong.  Especially where there is not an easy to find EIA.  If you have better intel, please let me know and I’ll update accordingly.  I’ve called this series of projects 4.0 in the absence of a better name.

REIPPP projects awarded rd 4

Via @imacza:

REIPPP Announcement


Edit 9th Sep 2016: some of the figures from rd 1 had changed.  Just picked this up.  Not sure why, or what happened to increase the overall allocation of this round from the numbers I previously had – but it now reflects all the projects shown on the various gov sites & docs.