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Australian PV Institute – live data portal


I went to a talk yesterday which focused on the future of solar in Australia (more on that to follow) but one of the incredible things that jumped out at me was that the speaker (Nigel Morris) referenced a live PV performance data portal.  This tracks PV energy being generated by state.  You can also see which areas have the highest PV penetration density, how much energy is generated annually, how many installations have been completed each month and year (to track market trends)  and it has a tool which allows you to zoom onto a building in your city to see how big the solar potential is there.

It’s a very interesting portal, and it’s clear that there is a lot of work that has gone into developing it.  The real value is that the generation data is available to allow these output graphics.  It’s really powerful when you can display the actual cumulative output for each state so well.

The portal can be found here:

Here’s what was generated on the 11th June.  Isn’t information beautiful?

APVI 11 June Snap