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Australian Ramblings are imminent – two month plans from June


Our departure date is fast approaching, and the nearer it gets, the better idea I have of where I’ll be in Australia, and for how long.

The current plan is looking something like this:

  • 9th June – 19th June – Sydney & Canberra.  Canberra will only be for a night or two, probably around the 12th June.
  • 20th June – 4th July – Melbourne
  • 5th July – end July – Queensland (between Brisbane, Toowoomba and then further up north)

So far I have some meet ups scheduled with universities, engineering consultancies, and renewable energy developers.

If you know anyone working in energy in the abovementioned cities, please put me in touch with them.  I’d take up 30min to 1 hour of their time, and the aim would be to understand, from their perspective, what’s happening (or not happening) in the energy sphere.  I’m thinking of governmental entities, NGO’s, financial institutions.

Also, if you have any interesting reading material on Australia that you think may be useful to give me a basic understanding of what’s what and who’s who, it would be very much appreciated.

Now, back to packing…