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What’s going on in renewable energy around the world – my quest for the next year


In between my doing paid work to ensure that I stay fed for the next year, I will also be embarking on a personal voyage of discovery, to understand how energy is managed, who the key role-players are, what chance renewables have, and what the outlook is in the cities that we visit around the world.

I will be meeting with government officials, project developers, designers, installers, operators, lenders, NGO’s, industry associations, academia etc wherever I can, and I’ll be writing all of this up as I go.

My idea is to use this wonderful opportunity that I have to get to grips with what works, what challenges the industry faces, how much it costs, who makes the wheels turn, what the public perception of renewables is and what the potential for the market looks like from their perspective.

The summary of my findings will be going on this blog, but I’ll be writing more detailed assessments in document format.  See how interesting you find this blog, and if you’d like to know more about what I’ve found, drop me an email at and I’ll make sure you’re included on my mailer for the full account.

Also, I’ll be putting out feelers before I head off to a new city.  If you know anyone there that you think would be interesting for me to talk to, please also drop me a note.  I really want to have broad and varied input.

I’m going to be starting in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.  If you are involved in the energy industry, and you know people there, please let me know.  I’ll be there in June/July.