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I’m off for a year of work and travel – the travel part is easy, now to find the work…


Blatant self-promotion about to take place.  Prepare yourself.

My husband and I have decided to take a leap of, well I would say faith, but it feels more like a leap of courage.  We are leaving the safe harbour of Cape Town, to go see the world, and work while we do.

We will start by going to Australia (to the hubster’s home country) for a month and a half.  There we will go to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  A  bit of family focus, but we’ll be dusting off the ol’ grindstone as we go, and the graft will be real.  From there, on to Asia, then to the States and probably Canada.  Over the pond to Europe and then who knows?

I’ve handed in my notice at Arup.  I am going to keep helping out on some projects, but really I’ll be looking to pick up work as I go.

I’ve been working on utility and small scale solar pv projects. Feasibility studies/tender preparation/contract reviews/due diligence assessments/construction monitoring support etc. etc.

I’ve also been involved in energy efficiency projects, city resilience work, have experience on governmental policies/strategies from when I worked at the City of Cape Town and I write a lot.  A LOT.  I’m a prolific report writer.  I can churn them out.

I’m a mechanical engineer, a certified energy manager, a part qualified accountant (CIMA), and PMP certified.  And those are just my qualifications.

So I’ll be looking for work.  I’ll be working remotely and a-synchronously, but I can deliver. Ask anyone who’s worked with me.  Do your due diligence on me, and I’ll do the due diligence on your project.