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@GoldieBlox have come up with a range of toys for young girls which are more than tea sets and little dolls.

I know that this is not energy related, but this resonated so heavily with me.  I grew up with three older brothers, playing with tonker toys in the back garden.  We had play cars, we built cities with wooden blocks and we made lego mansions.  

This incessant obsession with making everything for girls pink, and teaching young girls from such an early age that they should only care about how pretty their dress is, or if they have the right accessory for their new anorexic doll or peeing lifelike infant is very upsetting for me.  Girls get told they’re so pretty and boys get told they’re so smart or strong and that is where their perceived value lies and defines the choices and career paths to follow.

Thank goodness my dad taught me how to change plugs, change the chain on my bike, and explore the wonders of science.

More than just a princess indeed.  I was an engineer in the making.