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A summary from the DoE can be found in the presentation linked.

Some key items for me with regards to Bid Window 3:

– 93 bids have been received, amounting to 6,023MW whilst the available MW for allocation was 1,473MW. – 17 preferred bidders have been announced and there are 6 PV projects, 7 wind, 2 CSP, 1 landfill gas & 1 biomass – The Northern Cape has the lion’s share of the jobs again, with 82% of all the construction jobs. Gauteng has got six jobs in there out of over 7000… This seems to be largely driven by the CSP facilities, both of which will be in the northern cape. The PV plants are split between four provinces. – 50.4% of equity across the projects is from foreign investors as is 25% of the debt – PV, wind and CSP had a dip in Round 2 in operational jobs/MW, but they have all increased in Round 3 (wind & PV most notably… where there is the most competition) Not sure if this is a response to socio-econ drivers. – The bidding tariffs for each facility has been provided. Not sure this was available before, but it is quite interesting that this is available now. The rumoured cheapest PV price is 86.41c/kWh from Adams Solar PV2 (Enel?) – Welcome to the party landfill gas & biomass.