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Localisation of wind turbine components – comparison with Brazil and Windaba session


I found this article on how the localisation of wind energy components supported by the Brazilian government was a tricky affair.  It looks at some of the hurdles and delays that were experienced and how it’s easier to set localisation targets than to actually implement them…  It’s also interesting that the low to medium tech components were successfully localised, but the high tech elements, like the gearboxes, are still imported.

This is particularly relevant in South Africa where local content requirements are going up to 40% in Round 3 of the REIPPPP.  

Windaba, South Africa’s largest wind energy convention, is taking place this week at the CTICC.  I’ll be going to a breakaway session at 11am entitled “Localisation: SA Towers and Blades”.  Looking forward to them answering the following questions:
  • What is the existing capacity to produce local towers and blades?
  • What are teh certification and guarantee issues?
  • How will the 40% localisation target in bid round 3 be reached
  • What regulatory adjustments are required to allow the high levels of local content targeted by government?
  • How do we ensure competition and prevent monopolies if we insist on SA towers and/or blades?
  • Within what time-rames can what milestones be practically reached?
  • What is being done at a small scale level?
(Windaba day 2 programme can be found here)