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My new job – Arup

For the first time in about of month I can find some time to say where I am now working: Arup.  I started here on the 1st August, and was thrown (quite willingly) into the deep end of the REIPPP Programme.  Arup have been appointed as Lender’s Technical Advisor on 6 of the projects awarded preferred bidder status in Round 1 of the renewable energy procurement programme.  It’s work that requires reviewing a multitude of aspects on projects developed under the programme, including the environmental compliance, facility design, energy yield and financial modelling.
It’s deeply fascinating.
Other work is on building integrated renewables.  Looking into rooftop PV and building efficiency.  More on this another time.
I’m working with a scarily competent team, with all sorts of crazy skills.  If you need anything energy related, don’t feel scared to drop me a note.
Oh, and I may work in the most beautiful place in the world, at the Clock Tower in the Waterfront, where a whale popped round the other day to wave its tail in our direction.  Heaven.