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Eskom eta awards

I have been nominated for an eta Energy Champion Award for an energy efficiency project which saw the retrofit of 4 City of Cape Town administrative buildings.  I must mention Wouter Roggen and that this project would not have happened without him. 
This project is saving the City 338MWh every year, from lighting, solar water heater and aircon retrofits and power factor correction.  Further savings will be realised from the further retrofit of 14 City buildings (including libraries and clinics) which will save over 500MWh evevry year, AND the City is allocated budget every year to continuing the work.  More info on the City’s retrofits can be found here.  Good work all round I say.
Nice work Eskom on orgnasing the judging today.  They did really well to make a potentially intimidating process feel close to comfortable…
Thanks also to the City of Cape Town for nominating me (Nusrat’s hard work at Sarah’s recommendation).  Now I only have to wait until the 15th November to find out if I win.  Hold thumbs folks.


Info on the award programme (found here)
Eskom has for the past 22 years rewarded excellence in the field of energy efficiency.  (eta) is the Greek symbol for efficiency, hence the name of the Awards. The purpose of the eta Awards is to reward exceptional effort in the more efficient use of energy by individuals, students, companies or other institutions.
Some interesting winners from 2010:,55