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Just in case you weren’t aware – I’m looking for a project management role in a renewable energy company


What use is there for having a blog if you don’t get to promote yourself shamelessly?

I am looking for a project management position within a company who are involved in large scale renewable energy rollouts.  

Background in brief:
BSc Mech Eng – UCT
Advanced diploma in management accounting – CIMA
Certified energy manager (awaiting final registration from international offices, but SA registration approved) – Association of Energy Engineers
Working at the City of Cape Town’s Energy & Climate Change Unit for just over two years. 
Involved in managing various projects & contracts from inception to completion (solar water heater installations, building retrofits, funding applications and funding contract negotiation)
Lots of energy planning and energy strategic work, such as commenting on National IRP, Climate Change Response Green and White Papers, developing the City’s Energy and Climate Action Plan (ECAP), input into the City’s Integrated Development Plan, and Cape Town’s Optimum Energy Future study, involved in net-metering and small scale embedded generation work groups.
I wrote the City’s 2011 State of Energy and Energy Futures report, was an author in the Moving Mountains report, which explains the City’s ECAP and I wrote the Kuyasa report that I blogged about – summary found here
Lots of other work too, it’s been a busy two years.  

I want to find a job where I go home every evening feeling like my brain is bigger than when I got there in the morning.  New skills, new knowledge, new understanding. 
Basically, if the realisation of a renewable energy power station were like the screening of a movie, I’d want my name to be somewhere in the credits.

Give me a holler, drop me a mail
072 889 7315