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Assistance for industries in SA to become more energy efficient – IEE Improvement project


_The Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project is a national government initiative, with the assistance of various international grant/support associations (such as UNIDO), which is aimed (surprise! surprise!) at assisting industry in South Africa to become more energy efficient.  The IEE aims to promote the uptake of systems based approaches to energy management, rather than just throwing new technology at the problem. _

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It also does a lot of work providing training, to help to increase skills and knowledge in this area.   At the risk of over-using the word, this approach is intended to help make the efficiency gains sustainable, by keeping capacity in SA, rather than importing a whole lot of people to fix our problem for us.  The project is hosted by the National Cleaner Production Centre of SA.  I will, hopefully, be going to one on optimising pumping systems at the end of March.

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Come on Cape Town industries! Make use of every single bit of help you can.  The introductory workshop is apparently well suited to business managers who have the ability to decide which projects are undertaken.  There is enormous potential here.  They’re also really interested in helping SME’s, not just on focusing on the big guys, who, to be honest, should probably be doing this kind of thing without help, if their brains were operating well enough.

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_They have a massive website – but here’s a bit of info on the training that they provide, found here. _


The Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project in SA will be hosting the following workshops in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban during 2011:

  • Energy Management Systems (a methodological, organised approach to managing energy usage)
  • Energy Systems Optimisation, with individual courses on the following:
    • Compressed Air Systems
    • Fan Systems
    • Motor Systems
    • Process Heating Systems
    • Pump Systems
    • Steam Systems

Workshops are presented at three levels

Introductory workshops Duration: Five to eight hours Cost: Free

Training workshops for users Duration: Two days Cost: R900 per person

Expert-level training workshops Duration: The consists of theoretical and in-company practical modules spread over a number of months Cost: R9 000 per person

All workshops are presented by internationally recognised, UNIDO-approved trainers with in-depth practical experience

Who should attend

  • Energy managers
  • Plant and facility engineers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Engineering consultants
  • Service providers to industry
  • Suitably qualified candidates interested in training-the-trainer opportunities

What others say

  • A good balance of examples, science and practical ways to improve systems and reduce loss
  • Very practical, and excellent lecturers
  • Anecdotes from the presenters assisted in bringing in real-life experiences and what can happen in the field
  • Very informative. Highly recommended!


For bookings, more information and regular updates on future training events, please contact us on: +27 (0)12 841 2768 (Pretoria), +27 (0)21 658 2776 (Cape Town), Email:

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