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Sun Power, a poem about wasted energy by Wouter Roggen

Spain has good sun, as does the Karoo;
It falls from the sky in our vast Kamdeboo;
but whereas in Spain it is harnessed to yield
electricity, green, from both hillside and field
This is not just a bit, fit to pamper the soul
but significant portions of the energy whole.
In the Karoo wind pumps water at best
The sun heats the rocks and the soil for the rest.
So the asset exists, but we’re spending our cash
digging coal from the ground, burning it into ash,
which for each lump of coal can be done only once
whilst the sun burns our heads and we stand, like a dunce
gazing up at the plumes that blight our blue sky
where the sun, brightly shining keeps wondering:
Wouter Roggen, 2010