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Lessons on how to make a World Cup green…


I remember being livid when I heard that they were pulling down the old Green Point Stadium and were going to put up a big bulky thing in its place, taking away all the greenery and blocking out the view of the ocean.  I’ve mellowed somewhat… mostly because the stadium’s so pretty.  It’s a masterpiece in fact, and I can see it every day as I go work. Another reason is the enormous amount of greenery that surrounds the stadium.  They paved paradise and put up a biodiversity park (and a golf course.)  If you walk through the park at night you can see the stadium reflected in the little lake/pond, and you can hear all the frogs croaking.  The plants are starting to grow nicely, and the excess water from the drinking fountains runs back into the soil.  

The people involved in the construction of the stadium were clever too.  A Building Management System allows for control and monitoring of air conditioning and lights in different areas. The shape of the stadium means that most of it is in shade all through the day, reducing cooling needed.  The mesh fabric on the outside allows for natural lighting and ventilation, and the glass roof is designed to keep noise in.  It works! I live around the corner and I have no idea if there’s a match on or not. A whole lot of information about the projects undertaken to make the World Cup a green event in CT can be found here: