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NERSA invites you to comment

The National Energy Regulator of South AFrica has released a consultation paper, which is open for comments until the 20th July 2010.  The title is Revision of Regulatory Rules for Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (EEDSM) including Standard Offer Programme.
There is a lot of information in there about how the DoE is planning to incentivise energy efficiency measures by paying a standard offer for every kWh saved.
It gets a bit repetitive, but the areas that interest me are:
  • The table showing what the relevant roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders are: DoE, NERSA, NEEA, DBSA, ESCos… (it’s good to know who’s supposed to be doing what.
  • The way they’re proposing to offer rebates for solar water heaters… ‘Initially every installed SWH shall be deemed to displace 200kWh per month for purposes of simplicity, and accordingly a monthly rebate shall be payabale based on:
Rebate per month = Standard Offer (in R/kWh) x 200kWh per month (which works out to be R108.08/month in 2010)
  • Energy Saving Companies (ESCos) might get a bit of a boost from this, and that it could help to instigate a positive movement in the energy efficiency industry.
The document can be found under the ‘invitation to comment’ link on the NERSA website: