IPP Projects page – call for comments on REIPPP RfP

The South African Department of Energy has called for comments on the REIPPP RfP documentation, ahead of the release of the next bidding window RfP’s in 2016.  The call for comments can be found on the IPP website’s press centre.  Comments can be submitted between the 3rd August and the 2nd September 2015.  The DoE aims to issue the RfP for REIPPP Bidding window 5 early 2016.

There is more useful information on this website and I recommend having if a look, if you were not previously aware of it.  Some things that are of interest:

  • a list of all projects awarded under window 4, along with the project price and ED score
  • information on the other IPP procurement programmes being run alongside REIPPP (e.g. coal, SPIPPs etc)
  • IPP programme overview and status reports
  • ALL of the window 4 RfP documentation.  This means all the parts, all the volumes and all the appendices.   You have to register on the site to access these.

The registered section of the site is also comments can be submitted.

Here’s a graphic that the DoE put together in their press release calling for comments.  Interesting numbers in there.


REIPPP updated list of preferred bidders – up to bidding window four

I have updated the overall list of preferred bidders (previous post here) based on this morning’s DoE media announcement.

REIPPP_Round 4

Press release from the DoE found here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=566339060135913&id=316555815114240

Big news items:

  • Financial close for Round 4 expected for Q4 this year
  • Additional capacity to be allocated to round 4.  Word on the street is that this is in the region of 1GW
  • Another 1.8GW may be allocated to an additional procurement round (Round 4.5).  This would be an expedited application process, open to bidders who were unsuccessful in previous rounds.  A good opportunity for developers to get returns on their development costs…
  • Round 5 due to be issued next year, with updates to the RFP
  • Finally, the DoE intends to apply for a further allocation of 6.3GW of RE capacity.

Bid day folks.  Big day.

A nice summary of REIPPP Round 4 preferred bidders

Done, I believe, by ED Consulting.  I haven’t seen any formal announcements, but the ferreting fairies have been working hard since the letters were issued.

Well done to all who have been successful thus far.  We wait with bated breath for any further announcements.  I have heard rumours of expectations of a Round 4.5 being announced on Friday…

REIPPP_Round 4

When the formal announcement from the DoE comes out I will update the table of all preferred bidders and reissue to all who’d like it.

IRP2010 – DoE’s extending the period to comment, is it all for show?

I have just been at a talk by the DoE about the IRP2010, and the speaker, during the question and answer session, said that it doesn’t matter if the allocated time for public comment is extended by one month or even two months, we (meaning civil society I assume) would never be able to understand it sufficiently anyway.
If that’s his point of view it makes you wonder how seriously the DoE is going to take anyone’s comments regarding how we view government’s energy plan for the next 20 years.
He also said that the government is firmly committed to the nuclear path, which also makes you wonder, since there has, up until now, been hardly any public participation, how seriously they’re going to take South African concerns about nuclear. 
Is it all just lip service?

Oh the DoE and the REFIT and the PPAs and the IPPs and the RFQs. All for an IRP that’s AWOL.

The whole of South Africa (well at least those who are in energy) is waiting in highly strung anticipation for the announcement of the IRP2010 (or the integrated resource plan for those acronym-ally challenged).  The status of the REFIT (renewable energy feed in tariff) is also a hot topic.  For all those aspiring independent power producers the arrival of the standardised power purchase agreement will shed huge light on what’s what and who’s who and how’s how.  Alas, the REFIT and the PPA were nowhere in sight at the Wind Energy Seminar held in Jozi on Tuesday.
I flew all the way up there, and so did many other people I’m sure, with the expectation that FINALLY we were going to get a bit of solid news about what the frick was going on.  She talked for two minutes, this National Treasury rep.  (I’m not trying to be rude by calling her ‘she’ I know she’s not the cat’s mother. I just really didn’t catch her name).  She told us that there would be a press release the next day, and we would be told stuff then.
Good thing I was there to witness that earth shattering tidbit.
It’s Thursday now.  It seems the exciting news that they were putting off telling us is that they were to release a request for interest, so that they could guage what kind of market there was out there for renewable energy.  I would have thought that the 156 applications received by Eskom from aspiring power producers who seem to have 15 154MW power to help us out of the dark Eskom days would have been a hint.  Or maybe the 100+ applications that the Department of Environmental Affairs have received for EIAs for RE projects. (environmental impact assessments for renewable energy projects – keep up)  Hmmm.
We have called this RFI a “market sounding”. We will utilise the information submitted to inform our procurement next steps – either and RFQ or an RFP.” (acting DDG in the Department of Energy) Full speech here
RFQ????? For those not in the know, and RFQ is a request for quotes.  RFQs have to be valued at R200,000 or lower. I hope, I HOPE, that the DoE is putting more than R200k aside for renewables.
Enough. Enough for now.