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International Energy Centre – Masters of Energy Studies


On the 3rd August I gave an intro talk on the South African renewable energy procurement programme to students taking part in the International Energy Centre’s Masters of Energy Studies programme.  I met with the education programme manager, Sebastian Thomas, while I was still in Brisbane, and he gave me a brief overview of the course focus, and who takes part in it.

There are three member universities; namely the University of Queensland, the University of Western Australia and the University of Newcastle.  The course is aimed at technical and management professionals, and Sebastian described it as an MBA equivalent for energy.

Course content focuses on technical, financial and policy issues.

Thanks to the IEC for the opportunity to share some info on what’s going on in South Africa.

If you’d like to read a bit more on these studies, you can find this here:

I am available to do talks and lectures as I go if there is further interest in hearing about this.  This talk was done in an online webinar format, which worked really well, particularly since I am hopping between locations.  Contact me on vivi (at) if you are interested.