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Transport for Cape Town – integrating Cape Town’s public transport systems


I don’t know how I missed this as it was launched almost exactly a year ago, but there is a TfL equivalent in Cape Town, which is focusing on integrating public transport modes in CT. A snippet from the City’s website found here.

“Transport for Cape Town oversees planning, contracting, finance, licensing , training, marketing and operator regulations that relate to public transport in Cape Town.

Transport for Cape Town commits to ensuring:

Infrastructure that is well maintained and is at a unified, high standard across the City. That commuters experience seamless, safe and reliable public transport across all modes. The system and network is responsive, well managed and integrated. The governance structure for the rollout of the Integrated Transport Plan is sound and within the legislative parameters.”

Future Cape Town also has a good article on it found here .

“Transport for Cape Town (TCT) will mean, practically, the following:

– TCT will manage all transport facilities in the City – It will link all models into one system – Taxis, buses and trains will be governed by one authority – This will mean improved connections – without over servicing of some routes and under servicing of others – This will mean faster times of travel”