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Now Dipuo Peters is playing the ‘god’ card with nuclear and fracking


From the Mail and Guardian – the whole article is here

“We cannot, because we are black, end up having a dark continent,” Peters said at a business breakfast hosted by the_ New Age_.

South Africa was rich in uranium reserves that could be used to create an abundance of energy.

“God gave us these resources and we must use them,” she said.

Africa needed to take a proactive role and would not be bystanders in the energy revolution.

Regarding nuclear:

”[Greenpeace] don’t want nuclear, you don’t want hydro, coal. It’s important they understand we are an energy intense economy.”

Regarding shale gas:

“We cannot allow a blessing to lie fallow… If shale gas is one of the blessings, we are going to go for it,” Peters said.

_Make your arguments and base them on reason and science, not because you think some mysterious patriarchal figure hid some resources under the ground.  They’re there, therefore we have to use them. _

Reminds me of a Donald and Swann song from the 50’s called the reluctant cannibal:

But people have always eaten people, 

What else is there to eat? 

If the Juju [god] had meant us not to eat people, 

He wouldn’t have made us of meat!