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Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) helping to get bikes to the masses

Today a colleague of mine and I went out to the Bicycle Empowerment Network centre in Marina Da Gama (Muizenburg).  These guys are doing great things.  They import bikes (donated by various people I think) and then they distribute them cheaply to various Bicylce Empowerment Centres and provide training and the promotion of bikes over other transportation.  We bought ours from the guys in Lavender Hill.  They sold us good second hand bikes that they’d fixed themselves.  Here’s some info about the place that helped us:
BEN Lavender Hill
Established: 2010/09
Manager: Fagodien Campher
Contact Number: 083-6862831They were super friendly, really helpful and gave the bikes lots of attention.  These guys are going to be doing the Argus and some are hoping to do a sub-3 race.  Wishing them all the best.  They’ll be in yellow and white BEN t-shirts – keep an eye open for them.

You can find more info about the programme here: 


  Thanks everyone for all your help.