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Electricity load shedding schedules for Cape Town for 2012

(From the City of Cape Town can be found here – the pdf link gives a detailed breakdown. I’m not sure what the likelihood of the loadshedding is.)
Loadshedding schedules for 2012

The electricity loadshedding schedules for 2012 are now available. The schedules are indicative and would only be utilised in the event of national load-shedding being required by Eskom.
What is emergency loadshedding?
Emergency loadshedding is a controlled way of managing available electricity distribution capacity when an unscheduled power shortage occurs.
Loadshedding schedule
The following loadshedding schedule will apply will only when required. Click here to view it in a PDF format or here should you prefer MS Excel. Alternatively, you can choose to see it in a map fomat. Simply click on the area in which you live: NORTH, SOUTH, and EAST.

Detailed maps are available for the following areas:

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