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Capetonians! How well informed are you about Climate Change? Please help us with this survey

Hi folks
If you have some time (10-15 minutes), please complete this survey which aims to see what level of awareness there is in Cape Town around Climate Change.

The survey must be completed before the 1 September 2011 and can only be completed by people who live (or have lived) in Cape Town for more than one year.

This survey forms part of a campaign called Climate Smart Cape Town which aims to improve the level of awareness about Climate Change in the city.  The aim is to see where there are gaps in our knowledge, where there is any apparent misinformation being spread and how clever we all are.  There will be a follow up survey after a concentrated period of campaigning, to see how successful the campaign has been. 
This is very important!  Do it because you love Cape Town.  Do it because you need a break at work.  Do it because then you can tick off your one good deed for the day!