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Report those litter-bugs! No more stompies out car-windows!

(From the City of Cape Town’s website found here)
The Solid Waste By-Law Enforcement team will soon initiate special operations to combat the unacceptable behaviour of littering and dumping. The team will undertake blitz-like operations in which a group of officers will arrive, without warning, in specific areas, and hand out heavy fines for all waste related offences.

The cigarette stompie thrown on the ground may become the most expensive smoke ever at R500! Likewise for the cooldrink can, candy wrapping, chip packet and any other litter. In accordance with the City’s Integrated Waste Management Policy and By-Law every waste generator (i.e. anyone who creates waste e.g. businesses, offices, shops etc.) is required to have a contract for the removal of their waste. The officers will be visiting these generators of waste to check and inspect their contracts for removal. It is advised that these are obtained without delay, as putting your business waste into the street litter bin or putting a bag/ boxes etc. out on the pavement will draw a large fine with a minimum of R1000.

Alderman Clive Justus, Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, says: ”Litter scattered on the ground has to be manually cleared by teams of workers at a cost far greater than the clearing of bins, and this cost must be recovered in the form of increased rates and taxes. I therefore appeal to the public to deposit their litter in the bins specially provided for this purpose.”  Should you wish to report any dumping where an offender or vehicle registration can be identified, please call 021 400 6157 or e-mail