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Info for electricity generators wishing to connect to the Eskom grid.

From the Eskom website found here
Embedded Generators

Generators that wish to connect to the Distribution Network will be required to apply and pay for a connection and sign a connection and use-of-system agreement. The application form and Eskom’s interconnection standard can be found below. 

Embedded generators irrespective of who the owner is, will be given non-discriminatory access to the network. This is in line with the Distribution Code and the Electricity Regulation Act. Loads and generators will be treated on a consistent basis ie both will be charged for dedicated and a contribution to upstream costs.

Some general principles regarding embedded generators:

  • The Distributor should provide network services through the connection and use-of system agreements with the embedded generators. 

  • Currently there are no network charges applicable to embedded generators. A national framework for these charges still needs to be developed.

    • Application for a connection required in all cases where the embedded generator has the potential to impact the network (be synchronised) 
      • Even if embedded in a plant 
      • Metering, protection, fault levels and voltage technical issues in all cases 
  • The connection and use-of-system agreement sets out the financial, technical and legal requirements 

    • As required by the Code 
    • Not part of the supply agreement 
  • Where Eskom is not the purchaser of the energy, Eskom will deal with the export of the energy from the generator to the network in terms of charges and contracting between the two parties. 

  • Eskom will need to be informed of the bilateral trade between the generator and the purchaser in order to address the technical requirements and to do any settlements on the purchaser’s bill due to the bilateral trade.  Forms

  • Embedded Generator Application Form (Version 2)


 Info from a colleague:
…turns out the Eskom standard only applies to medium voltage (MV) connections (11kV and 22kV 3 phase) above 100kW. There is not a standard for low voltage (LV) connections (240V single phase or 400V 3 phase – typical household connections) Then other information can be found on the NERSA website: 
Electricity > Technical standards > Distribution Grid Code > Click RSA Distribution Network code version 5.1 

And finally:
The new NRS097-2-1 can be bought from SABS as well. This spells out the Grid Interconnection of Small Embedded Generators.