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The Wind is Green

By Wouter Roggen, Head Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, City of Cape Town
Our plan is to harness the wind-
It’s a plan on which much may be pinned
for we think you’ll agree
that it blows, since it’s free,
both on saints and on those who have sinned.
On a ridge not too far out from Darling
where before roamed but sheep and some starling
we’ll erect massive masts
with propellers made fast
to convert wind to Amps without sparking
It’s a challenge to find green consumers
since one cannot build custom with rumours
but with people who know
a good marketing show
may convert retail buds into bloomers
At the end of the day it’s our dream
that success with this green power scheme
will make Cape Town the prime
tourist venue sublime
where the coffee, though brown, comes with cream!